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Imagine floors that are impervious and resistant to stains, dirt buildup, moisture, and dust. They can be cleaned with a dust mop or occasional wet mopping indoors, or outside. Concrete Craft(r), decorative stained concrete floors, are the best way to save time and money while adding style and color to your home.

Stented decorative concrete floors look great, are durable, and easy-to-maintenance.

It can seem overwhelming to keep floors clean and in good condition, especially when you consider outdoor and indoor floors.

The daily grind of everyday life can constantly be a nuisance to interior floors. People are always tripping on them, pets shed and sometimes “anointing”, food preparation and spillages add texture, A/Cs add a layer of dust and feet track in dirt.

Outside floors such as patios and porches, walkways and driveways, are constantly being harmed by vehicles (cars and bikes, scooters), dust and dirt, wind, rain and grass stains, spiderwebs and other pests.

Different types of flooring such as tile, vinyl, concrete and pavers require different cleaning methods. Special products can also be used to clean and repair any damage.

Here are four reasons stained decorative concrete is a great option for upgrading floors in your home.

Stain concrete is versatile

MasterPro StainTM concrete stain is amazing. There are many colors and special effects you can achieve. Concrete stain can mimic any type of natural stone or polished marble with its many application techniques.

TruStainTM, a line of water-based stain colors that penetrate concrete surfaces for a consistent, vibrant translucent color and shine that lets the concrete floor’s character show through.

Concrete slabs react chemically to acid-based stains, creating stunning marbled and variegated effects.

Stain concrete floors can be used in any room of the house, regardless if the purpose is to create upscale glamour or practicality.

What would you choose for your floors?

  • Vibrant solid colors
  • Beautiful, polished marble effect
  • Multiple-color patterns
  • Borders or stenciled designs
  • Stamped faux stone textures
  • Stucco economics

Staining concrete floors is a great way to update both exterior and interior floors.

Stain can be applied directly to concrete floors that are in good condition. You can achieve stunning finishes on large areas such as driveways, patios and decks. This is far cheaper than any other flooring option. A resurfaced concrete overlay can be used to cover any cracks, discoloration or chips from the removal of a previous floor covering. This will conceal any damage and give the floor a new look.

Stain concrete can be used to update large rooms and provide modern flooring options while still keeping your home renovation budget in check

Stenciled concrete is durable and will last for decades.

A concrete overlay can be used to replicate the look of wood or stone, but at a fraction of the cost. It can be stamped with a faux wood plank or stone pattern, and then custom-stained for an authentic look.

All concrete stain products have UV protection so colors won’t fade or change over the years.

Stain concrete is durable

Concrete is durable, but untreated concrete or bare concrete can be ruined by impact, spills (staining), moisture (erodiment), and temperature (freeze/thaw). Concrete floors can be damaged from both indoor and outdoor use. A stained concrete finish will beautify, seal, and protect against cracking and peeling, chipping and fading. Stain concrete interior floors are resistant to mold, moisture, and mildew, making them ideal for areas where moisture is a concern, such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. Staint concrete is also a great choice for driveways and patios that are exposed.

You can add a year-round covered patio to your house with a durable stained concrete floor.

The sealed surface, despite its delicate appearance, is tough and durable. It provides protection and durability for your floors and can withstand a lot of activity as well as the inevitable spills and messes that life throws at them.

This patio is a great place to relax and enjoy your favorite outdoor furniture, such as tables, chairs, potted plants, or play equipment.

Stain-cured concrete has a compressive strength of less than 5000 psi. This is a great news for driveways that need to resist damage from heavy vehicles.

Stain concrete is easy to maintain

While we started by discussing the difficulties of keeping floors clean and durable, the benefits of stained concrete are the cherry on top. A dry dust mop, occasional wet mopping and a neutral-pH cleaner are all that’s needed to keep interior floors clean. You can keep outdoor surfaces clean by using a broom to remove any dirt. Stain concrete surfaces can be cleaned without leaving any trace. They also repel dirt, dust, moisture, and mold growth.

Staining concrete floors is a problem for moisture and can make bathrooms more sanitary.

The non-porous surface is resistant to staining from all spills, indoors or outdoors.

Keep your home clean and free from dust bunnies and dirt for healthier living.

There is no need to use any harsh cleaners, as nothing sticks to the sealed surface.

Staining concrete is a great way to make your outdoor and indoor spaces more inviting. You can transform your floors with durable decorative concrete, whether you are resurfacing concrete or replacing floor coverings.